Rose Minar to take on expanded role with Lift Brands, as Chief Marketing & Experience Officer

CHANHASSEN, Minn. – Thoughts shared by Rose Minar as she steps into her new role as Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Lift Brands.

What duties come with your new role, and how do you plan to leverage your experience and skills to excel in these areas?

While I have always had a strong role in the Snap Fitness brand experience, especially since driving our brand repositioning project in 2021, my new focus will be tying my marketing and customer focused background to the products, tools and programs we use to deliver an optimal member experience. This will include driving the app and digital product feature developments, directing marketing campaigns and partnerships, managing the many brand programs as well as brand standards and guidelines.

What benefits can franchisees of Snap Fitness expect to see having you step into this new role as the Chief of Marketing & Experience Officer?

As part of this strategic business shift, our franchisees will see a more customer-centric approach to the way we bring the Snap Fitness brand to life. The entire customer journey will be carefully mapped and attended to—from initial lead interest to in-gym retention. To provide this optimized member experience, we will strive to empower our franchisees with the tools and strategies to engage with their leads and members effectively.

What initiatives are you most excited to work on in your new role?

Member retention will be hugely important to the brand experience; it is the natural evolution of our strategy following the Snap Fitness brand repositioning, which brought a new awareness to who we are and what we stand for. This focus will allow us to listen to what our members love about our gyms so we can use that information to continually improve. Specifically, I look forward to leveraging our member app usage and data to inform retention strategies, customizations, and product improvement.

What industry trends are you seeing and how do you plan on bringing them to life for Lift Brands? 

Many industry leaders are embracing a more holistic approach to health and wellness, which I am excited to witness after our brand repositioning in 2021, with our tagline “For The Feeling”. It is critical for our industry to understand that physical health and mental health are connected, and gyms aren’t only for people who are already fit. Gyms can be an inclusive space for all kinds of people to improve their lives, and that is the experience we all strive to create in Snap Fitness locations around the globe.

We are also seeing a rise in the technology side of the industry. With the Snap Fitness app—including its fitness programming and virtual content—there are so many opportunities to connect with our members. The feature releases in the upcoming Snap App 2.0 will be especially exciting.

What do you love most about working for Lift Brands?

Our entire Lift Brands team, and our franchisees around the globe, continuously demonstrate their passion for creating happier and healthier lives, and I count myself fortunate to work alongside them.

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