New CEO Targets Global Growth for Fitness On Demand™ Brand

MINNEAPOLIS, August 29, 2023 – Fitness On Demand™, a globally recognized pioneer in delivering top-tier fitness content for over a decade, is embarking on a new phase of innovation and expansion. This week marks a significant turning point as the company welcomes a distinguished industry expert, Andy Peat, as its new CEO, accompanied by a comprehensive worldwide rebranding initiative already in motion. With immediate effect, Andy Peat assumes leadership of Fitness On Demand’s operations spanning 2,800 locations worldwide, tasked with propelling the brand’s evolution from a leading content provider to a trusted technological partner for fitness establishments in the fitness, corporate, hospitality, and multi-family housing sectors.

Drawing on more than ten years of executive leadership across prominent names in the fitness industry, Andy Peat brings unparalleled expertise to his new role. His recent tenure as Chief Product Officer at Lift Brands, a global fitness franchising company with more than 1,100 locations, exemplifies his extensive experience. Peat started his industry journey as a club owner, but rapidly ascended to CEO of Snap Fitness in Australia and New Zealand by the age of 25. Under his leadership, Snap Fitness grew from a single club to an impressive network of 250 locations, eventually becoming a pivotal component of the Lift Brands family through a multi-million-dollar acquisition.

“While Fitness On Demand has achieved remarkable strides in the past decade, our aspirations for the next five years are even more monumental as the fitness landscape undergoes transformation,” said Andy Peat, CEO, Fitness On Demand. “I really believe in the product road map we’re building for our customers and their users. The next phase for our brand has already started as we shift from being a global leader delivery platform for fitness content to one of the world’s most trusted providers of fitness technology and user engagement for clubs, fitness centers and other businesses. We’re going way beyond our history in group class fitness content to becoming a true partner, helping our customers engage and empower users, market exceptionally and create tangible impact on their bottom lines.”

Peat’s rich background in product innovation, operational management, and business expansion comes at an opportune time for Fitness On Demand, which is set to spearhead a global brand relaunch. As part of the roll-out, Fitness On Demand just unveiled a next-generation, total fitness experience app. While the app creates exceptional, 360-degree fitness experiences for consumers in-club, at home and on-the-go, it’s designed specifically to empower fitness businesses to enhance user engagement, bolster customer retention, and capitalize on monetization opportunities.

For users, the app elevates each member’s fitness journey by providing personalized programs, club event activities, nutritional insights, wellness guidance, and real-time fitness progress tracking. Simultaneously, for fitness operators, it serves as a powerful engagement tool, keeping their brand in front of users wherever they workout. Features include customizable white-label branding choices, pre-structured challenges for member activation, and an expansive library of over 1,000 premium classes, as well as automated notifications to keep users informed and in contact with their facility.

Other recent introductions include the launch of two new TV channels of high-engagement sports news and wellness content. Integrating seamlessly with current content already on the Fitness On Demand platform, as well as club branded promotions, this activates underused displays and creates more engaging environments for clubs and other fitness or wellness facilities.

“This is the initial, albeit substantial, stride towards our brand’s ultimate vision as the chosen technology and business partner for every fitness business looking to create both the exceptional tech-forward experiences that users expect in fitness today, as well as continued growth for their own businesses,” added Peat.

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Fitness On Demand™ is the chosen technology and business partner of clubs, fitness facilities and other fitness businesses across the world. With a 360-degree approach to fitness business,

Fitness On Demand helps operators more effectively engage users, empower exceptional fitness experiences, and deliver real and tangible business benefits to the bottom line. The company has a long, proven track record in providing premium on-demand fitness, wellness and mindfulness content for clubs, fitness facilities, hospitality fitness centers, multi-family housing operators and corporate campus employers. Today Fitness On Demand is a leader in the provision of on-demand, streaming and high engagement content as well as the seamless technology solutions, products and environments that keep users coming back to their clubs and businesses growing.